The World Outside

I made an entry for Ludum Dare 38. This time I had the monday off, so I decided to do the jam so I’d have three days instead of two. The theme was “A Small World”. I really felt like doing an action adventure game, so I thought I’d make the beginning of one, and then where ever you went you’d just find the end of the world instead of the epic adventures you’d hoped for.

I wanted to do a more stylized character. I thought it would be quicker than making something realistic, but it ended up taking the whole first day since I’m not used to making that kind of models. I had to redo the face three times because it became really creepy the first tries. In the end, I think it turned out really charming, so I’m happy I spent the time on it.


The second day I spent on the fighting system. I wanted you to be able to dash with the right mouse button, and hit with the left mouse button. I thought it would be good if you had to time your dashes and hits to be able to hurt the enemies. I made the enemies dash away when you got to close to them. I thought it got a bit to hard, so I made it a bit easier, but the difficulty was still the worst part of the game, and the one I got most critique about.


The last day I made a model for the enemies. I used the one I had for the main character and resculpted it, so I could use the same skeleton and animations. I also added gates so you’d have to get a key to be able to get to the next path. That made the progression better. I had hoped I’d have the time to add a bit of a story, but the time was running out, so I didn’t get to do that. I think a story and some sound would have done alot for the atmosphere of the game.


I think my biggest mistake was that I didn’t have anyone who could play test the game during the jam. Then I’d have seen that it was way to difficult and could have tuned the difficulty down a bit.

Other than that I’m very happy with the game. I’m really proud of how well the graphics turned out, and I had a great time making it. I also learned alot about Unreal Engine 4.

Windows (64 bit, 125mb)
Ludum Dare page

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