I made a game for Ludum Dare 35. This time I choose to use Unreal Engine 4, since I haven’t used it before, and it seemed like a good time to learn it. The theme was “shapeshift”. At first I thought I’d make a game where you could transform into all sorts of animals, but I had to rethink, since the scope got way too big for a two day project.

After alot of thinking, I decided to make a game about a man who can transform in to a bird, who fight crime at night. Sort of a superhero kind of game.


I ended up spending way to much time sculpting, rigging, and skinning the character, so I didn’t have time to get the gameplay to the point I wanted. The fight animations were the last thing I finished before the deadline, so the fights aren’t very polished. It’s more of a prototype than game, but I’m glad I got it finished on time.


Overall, I had a good time learning UE4, and altough I didn’t come as far as I’d hoped I would, I think I got the idea across, and I kind of like the mood and feel of the game.


Ludum Dare page
Download for Windows (116 MB)

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